Dilwara Temple Interior in Mount Abu

Dilwara Temple Interior in Mount Abu.
Rajasthan, India

TA2009HR, 20 x 24 inch
Photographer: Anonymous, Circa 1860

The Dilwara Temples, perched on Mount Abu, are a stunning pilgrimage site of the Jain pilgrims. The temples are built entirely of white marble, which was transported on the backs of elephants all the way from the Arasoori Hills at Ambaji to Mount Abu. Out of the five temples in this complex, the first temple called Vimal Vasahi Temple (shown here) was built in the 11th century and dedicated to Lord Adinath. As can be seen, it is adorned with exquisitely carved marble passages, columns, and arches. The ceiling is decorated with petal patterns, lotus-buds and murals. The photo shows the bracketed pillars which support a dome in the columned hall or mandapa of the temple.

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