Four Spokes of Destiny ~ CD

This talk expounds on the four goals that propel the wheel of life: the four spokes of destiny. Drawing on scriptural aphorisms from the Sanskrit literature, the four goals are outlined: dharma (service and duty), moxa (freedom and liberation), artha (wealth and earnings) and kāma (enjoyment and satiation). Our thoughts and pursuits, both worldly and spiritual, fall into these four categories. Is life’s quest all about destiny and where does free will come in? The question is succinctly answered by His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda in this spiritual discourse. In short, destiny is what one creates due to incomplete and inefficient application of free will in the past. In this way, one is the architect of one’s own destiny.

60 minutes. Live recording at a Fellowship on 8 May 2004, Chicago, Illinois.

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