Cultivation of Subtle Feelings ~ CD

The Sanskrit word bhāva means subtle feelings or the subtle energy of understanding all things divine. His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda explains how bhāva is intangible but results in something tangible called grace. How can these subtle feelings be cultivated and reinforced? The discourse gives guidelines at the physical level, for example the role of the sun in providing quality of life, longevity, light and the elixir of life (namely milk and milk products). At a speech and mental level, affirmations are given to take one to a more sublime regime. The talk examines the importance of consciously honouring Mother Nature and what is special about our personal relationship with God. In this relationship, we can experience grace and love as innocent children of God.

72 minutes. Live recording at a Home Fellowship on 2 October 2004, Chicago, Illinois.

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